Selling on Ebay

We are not affiliated with Ebay but we do see it as a valuable tool. You can make yourself available to thousands of customers looking for what you carry. Ebay is also an auction site, NOT A RETAIL site. Its likely that you will only make a few dollars on a sale. There are tons of tutorials available on, and of course you can google anything.

Its good to remember that we drop ship. Any item will ship for 6.99, and then 1.00 for each additional item. This is a good thing and a bad. It makes it hard to sell a DVD, shipping is too much. But if you were selling a heavy dance pole you make money! Sell an 80.00 pole for 85.00 but charge 15.00 for shipping. When the item sells you only made 5.00 off of the item, but you made 8.00 off of the shipping!

Some people will use the free shipping strategy. Attracting customers by picking up the tab for them. Its all the same if you still pull the same amount of money on the sale. Sometimes its just how you word it, or make it look!

Data feeds are also available as upgrades through your marketing director.  A data feed will allow you export hundreds of items at once and load them to places like Ebay or google shop. This is a great idea if you plan on listing regularly. Each listing would have to be done by hand, this feature would allow you to sell them all at once.

Premium pricing will be one of the most valuable upgrades for someone looking to sell on auction sites. Premium pricing will drop your wholesale cost up to 10%, allowing you to sell the item for less without losing your profits. Some items you wouldn’t have been able to compete, premium pricing will allow you to.


Ebay has been around for years and have millions of customers. Its a good idea to consider selling on ebay. Take the time to research ebay and some additional selling strategies. How you can maximize profits and sell more items.


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