Tupperware Parties, with Sex Toys Instead of Tupperware!

These parties attract people from all walks of life including teachers, students, waitresses, grandmothers etc etc.  Face it, everyone likes sex and these products definitely pack alot of interest.  The adult toy industry has steadily grown even during times of recession.  Currently it is a multi-billion dollar industry!  The home party business has helped spur this growth over the years creating a comfortable environment to learn and purchase products people otherwise might be reluctant to consider.

While a large portion of adult sales are generated online, a home party business is a great way to supplement and even boost sales.  It should be part of your overall marketing strategy to include various types of sales avenues.  Focusing on only one limits your effectiveness.  For example, if you have a website that you are selling your products on, that is great.  However, how will you drive traffic to the site?  Sure you can submit to engines and perform seo and wait until traffic increases and that is fine as long as you have time to spare.  But if you are looking for immediate results, you need to be more pro-active.

One way to do this is to host home adult parties.  Not only will it generate immediate sales from the people who attend the party, but it can also be a great way to attract new and repeat customers to shop on your website.  Be sure that every attendee at the party gets a business card or flyer with your website address on it.  Perhaps offer them a coupon to encourage them to shop on your site.  Also, be sure to get the email address of each person that attends.  After the party, you can follow up with emails including updates about products, specials etc etc.  Think of each party not only as a way to generate sales, but as a way to add “coal” to the furnace (emails to your list), which you will later use to market your products to.

Organizing the party is alot less complicated than most people think.  We will be following up with future tips and ideas for hosting your home parties soon!


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